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Technology Diffusion Center

Technology Diffusion Center

The Technology Diffusion Center was established by the Luiz de Queiroz Agricultural Studies Foundation in 1977, within the philosophy of continuing education in the area of ​​agrarian sciences.

From its creation, it developed the Human Resources Program, with annual stages scoping national and international events. This Program is established every year with the collaboration of the ESALQ Departments, where several of the promoted events are held.

The attributions of the Technology Diffusion Center include:

  • Coordinate university extension courses, cultural diffusion, improvement and specialization as established by the University of São Paulo;

  • Promote technical-scientific congresses, symposia, seminars and meetings regarding the agricultural sector;

  • Promote refresher courses to disseminate techniques regarding the agricultural area;

  • Participate in the human resources training program developed by the units based at the “Luiz de Queiroz” Campus of the University of São Paulo;

  • Develop and suggest new training methods;

  • Promote the development of cultural activities aimed at providing services to the community in general;

  • Promote publications and other documents of interest to the agricultural sector;

  • Spread the publications generated from events, such as proceedings, handouts, etc.