Our Mission

We help teaching, research and extension institutions to make a better world.

Our Vision

To be the Brazilian reference among foundations in the areas of agricultural, environmental and applied social.

Our Values

- We prioritize the human being;
- We deliver the best solutions;
- We act with integrity,
- We respect ethical and socio-environmental values;
- We continually improve governance.

We manage Research, Extension and Innovation. We promote teaching and knowledge.

The Luiz de Queiroz Agricultural Studies Foundation – Fealq is a private, non-profit entity for the administrative and financial management of projects developed between members of the University and public and private institutions, national or foreign.

Affiliated with and recognized by the University of São Paulo – USP, since 1976, the Foundation provides legal, administrative, financial and labor support for carrying out research projects, innovation, events, specializations and courses.

Located in Piracicaba, in the interior of São Paulo, one of the main centers of innovation in Brazilian agribusiness, Fealq maintains branches in Pirassununga, also in the interior of São Paulo and in Londrina, in Paraná, with the management of the Agrozootechnic Experimental Station Hildegard Georgina Von Pritzelwitz /Figueira Farm.

Continuous investments are provided to the Foundation, acting increasingly in the next turn of its partners, supporting everything from the preparation of drafts to the full officialization of the contract with the competent bodies of the University of São Paulo or with a private institution. We also integrate the work offered by the Foundation’s administrative and legal team, in addition to financial management and support for hiring staff, purchasing materials needed for supported projects, making payments and issuing invoices.

They are partners of Fealq in project management, Esalq/USP (Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz), Cena/USP (Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura), Ccarbon/USP (Centro de Estudos de Carbono em Agricultura Tropical) , STAC/USP (Centro de Agricultura Tropical Sustentável), FZEA/USP (Faculdade de Zootecnia e Engenharia de Alimentos) and, also, the Agrisus Foundation. 

Sensitive to the demands of undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as the need for resources to carry out cultural and sporting activities that benefit the community, Fealq maintains, with its own resources, the Support Program aimed at research, infrastructure and improvements, granting grants, extension and community support, with periodic notices available for registration and participation.

The Foundation also has its own publishing company. Editora Fealq, which in addition to publishing physical and digital books, also edits the Revista de Agricultura, one of the oldest in the Brazilian scientific world, with international coverage, today entitled “Brazilian Journal of Agriculture”, where it receives and searches for scientific articles and original works on themes focused on Agricultural, Social and Agribusiness Sciences.


In 2000, FEALQ received the donation of Figueira Farm, located in Londrina city, State of Paraná, Brazil, made in a will by Alexandre von Pritzelwitz, a former student from ESALQ. In accordance with the donor’s desire, the property became an experimental station and it is managed by a commission of professors from the ESALQ’s Animal Science Department and it must be self-sustainable. Its 3,686 hectares have been used for research, extension and education. The experiments have been conducted by USP’s researchers and also from other universities, supported by public and private resources. The main objective of Figueira Farm is the generation of information and validation of technologies and/or productive designs that can provide higher profitability to beef cattle producers. Further information: Figueira Farm


FEALQ’s governance structure is composed by a Board of Trustees, a Board of Audition and a Board of Directors. In accordance with the Foundation Statute, the Board of Trustees is formed by seven members responsible for electing all the participants. The Board of Audition, an organ for internal control, has three members. The participant of one instance is not able to participate in the others. For all boards, the mandate lasts four years, with partial renovation every two years and without possibility of reelection in the subsequent mandate. The Board of Directors has a President Director and two more directors with a three-year mandate.


In 2019, the Board of Audition approved the Term of Compliance, which, in short, provides the implementation of all legal rules and vigilance in order to avoid corruption practices and any kind of discrimination. Aiming to regulate its Compliance policies, FEALQ created a committee, which is responsible for following up any manifestation of direct and third party employees regarding these questions.


All its taxes activity, including the Figueira Farm management, is audited by the Court of Audition of the State of São Paulo (TCE-SP, free translation), by the Public Ministry, by Foundations Prosecutor, by USP itself and yet by an independent company hired by FEALQ. More information: Portal da Transparência.